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June 13, 2022 by chrysalis

Chrysalis IOP has gone through a lot of changes in the past year and while change can be scary and uncomfortable at times, we have come out of this metamorphosis better than ever. As a team, we believe in taking a client-centered approach. This means that the client’s needs always come first. Because of that, we are constantly striving to utilize the latest evidence-based practices to make improvements and revamp groups in a way that fits our clients’ needs. Below are some of our newest additions to the program:

Summer Intensive Track
Chrysalis always strives to provide adequate treatment resources to the community. Summer can be a very difficult time for individuals with eating disorders and it can be helpful to have a little extra support during the warmer months. Because of this increased need, we have decided to offer another track of IOP this summer. This program will begin on June 15th and run through August 18th. It will be held from 9am to 1pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each day of IOP will consist of two therapy groups followed by a meal group. More information about our IOP can be found at https://chrysaliscenter-nc.com/iop/. This track of IOP is perfect for college students or teachers whose schedules make it difficult to commit to treatment during the school year as well as anyone who needs a summer reset. For more information, please contact our IOP treatment coordinator at (910)726-9194.

Exposure Meal Group
As previously mentioned, we strive to utilize the most effective evidence-based practices in our program. Exposure therapy is an evidence-based treatment that was created to help people confront fears. When we are afraid of something, we tend to avoid it. Although this avoidance might immediately reduce feelings of fear, it can actually make the fear worse in the long-term.
Exposure meal group gives clients the opportunity to replicate a typical meal with friends or family followed by a chance to process their experience. During this group, clients track their distress level to prove to themselves that, although the meal may cause anxiety, they CAN get through it.

Movement is an important part of recovery and can be extremely therapeutic. We have started to incorporate regular therapeutic yoga sessions into our group curriculum. Yoga sessions are run by Rachel Levin who is a local certified yoga instructor. She is trauma informed and specializes in teaching recovery yoga in various settings.

Grocery Store Tours and Meal Outings
The COVID-19 pandemic really limited our ability to engage in some of the group activities that we had incorporated into our program in the past. As we begin to adjust to our “new normal,” we have decided to bring back grocery store tours and meal outings. Grocery shopping can cause a lot of anxiety and is often avoided by people with eating disorders. Similarly, going out to eat can be a distressing experience for individual struggling with eating concerns. These experiential activities have been incredibly useful to our clients and provide the opportunity to build skills outside of the treatment setting to assist in creating a life that is aligned with clients’ values.

We are thrilled to be able to offer these services to the community and are always here to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our IOP treatment coordinator with any questions by phone at (910)726-9194 or by email at lauren.francis@chrysaliscenter-nc.com.

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