Welcome to the Team: Lyndsey Young, LCMHC!

December 20, 2022 by chrysalis


I was recently granted the opportunity to speak with and learn more about one of our newest rockstar clinicians, Lyndsey Young, LCMHC. Lyndsey is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who is open, dynamic, and non-judgmental. She recently relocated to Wilmington, NC from Arizona with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is excited to experience everything our beach town has to offer.

Please tell us about your work experiences prior to joining the Chrysalis team. 
I’ve worked ALL the places over the past 13 years.
I sincerely think I’ve been employed at every level of care.
I’ve been in private practice, hospital based, residential, PHP, IOP and community based.
Most recently I was the family workshop therapist at a residential eating disorder facility ant that’s where my passion for working with loved one’s of patients went next level and what I hope to bring to Chrysalis.

What made you decide in mental health? 
My interest in “helping others” started long before my education and employment in mental health. I would say the decision can be traced back to college while listening to friend share about her internship in a group home. The following year I did the same internship, and my life was changed. I sat in process groups witnessing adolescents emotionally navigate the foster care system and cope with circumstances beyond my understanding, I transported clients to appointments and listened and held space as best as I could when kids would return from family visits. It was incredibly impactful and activated the passion I still maintain for the field.

What should clients know about you as a therapist and how can they best prepare for a session with you? 
I am direct.
I mean direct.
I believe the financial and time investment in counseling is significant and by the time people get a seat on my couch they are ready to be there and “do the work,” so I don’t like to waste time.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m warm and use an appropriate amount of well-placed humor and personal disclosure, definitely.
I believe connection is healing, so a client can prepare by being honest, and open to connection.

I recently learned about Javelina. Is there any wildlife from Arizona that you are missing now that you live in NC? Any NC wildlife you are particularly enjoying? 
Ha. Javelinas are not as cute as they may seem. Can’t say I miss them.
I miss the desert landscape and sunsets in Arizona, they are unmatched.
What I’m loving most about NC is the beach and the weather. It’s amazing.

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