If you have undergone bariatric surgery of any kind, our post-operative groups are available to help you maximize your surgery’s success through frequent, specialized support. Our post-op groups address the physical, emotional, nutritional, and interpersonal changes or concerns you may have experienced throughout your transformation.

BARI-New Group: This group is for patients who have more recently undergone bariatric surgery (typically 1-18 months post-op). Focus of the groups include compliance, post-op adjustment issues, celebrating victories, relationship changes, body image, the return of hunger, and relapse prevention.

BARI-Vets Group: This group is offered for patients who are further out from surgery (18+ months post-op) and are done losing weight. Maintaining motivation, self-care, appetite awareness, mindful eating, combating emotional eating, and dealing with relapses are commonly addressed.

Back on Track Nutrition Workshop: Led by a registered dietitian, this 4-week nutritional workshop provides education and support for bariatric surgery patients who have not achieved their weight loss goals, are experiencing weight re-gain, or simply desire a nutrition refresher. Mindful eating, meal planning, goal setting, and relapse prevention are part of the curriculum.

Bariatric Bootcamp Seminar Series: This is a 6 week series of expert-led nutritional and psychological workshops intended to reignite your motivation, improve compliance, and optimize your success. What to eat, signs of deficiencies, stopping weight regain, overcoming self-sabotage, improving self-care, and addressing emotional eating are amongst the topics covered.

Bariatric Recovery Group: This group welcomes post-op bariatric surgery patients struggling with any form of addiction or substance use, including re-emergence of food addiction. The goal is to improve compliance, break the addictive cycle, and form a personal support network of others with similar struggles. Topics include the stages of recovery, developing alternatives to compulsive behaviors and negative coping, effective stress management, regulating emotions, and preventing relapse.

Our B.A.R.I.Well Program is a comprehensive service for bariatric surgery patients for pre-operative through years post-operative. Learn more here!

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