Therapist Spotlight: Ed Cochard

January 6, 2021 by Meghan Shapiro


Chrysalis has been lucky to have Ed Cochard as a part of our clinical team for 4 years. Recently our luck grew when he decided to expand his schedule to include more hours. I interviewed him briefly to learn more about him as a therapist. The following is what I learned:

In therapy sessions, you can expect Ed to be easy going. He tries to keep treatment accessible by providing a light environment. Things can get heavy sometimes in therapy and, when appropriate, Ed is quick to add humor to the session to provide some perspective and reprieve.

Validation and collaboration are very important to Ed and he will meet you where you are.  You will not have the experience of being told what to do, though he may provide nudges if needed. Ed will tell you the truth. One of his strengths as a therapist is that he enjoys building relationships and finds rapport building comes naturally (I can confirm. He is super easy to talk to.)

To conclude the interview, I asked him some difficult and very important questions: Cats or Dogs? Though he had both growing up, he prefers dogs. Oceans or Lakes? “Definitely oceans,” he said with confidence, having lived by both.

Thank you, Ed for your service to the Chrysalis Community!

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