Therapeutic Groups

Staying Open About Recovery (SOAR)

This group focuses on eating disorder recovery and the challenges it presents. Improving healthy body image, increasing self-esteem, overcoming distorted thoughts and maladaptive coping, and preventing relapse are key components of the curriculum. Because recovery is an ongoing process, we believe having the support of others walking the same path is essential to forward growth and progress in living a life free of eating disordered thoughts and behaviors.

Reclaiming Intuitive Self-Empowerment (RISE)

The RISE Group focuses on empowering adult women to build a sense of community and explore issues such as asking for help, relationships of all types, intimacy types, integrity in relationship with self and others, and much more.  Group begins 6/13/2023.

Embodying Queerness

This group is for adult members of any portion of the LGBTQ+ community looking to explore their experience of their bodies. It will focus on building trust and pride in the body through an affirming, inclusive, body-positive lens. Discussions will include body in the first person, gender euphoria, ‘passing’, outness, and is open to group requests.

Bariatric Mindfulness

This is an adaptation of our practice’s Mindful Living group series (a hybrid of DBT and ACT) specifically for bariatric clientele. It covers aspects of the traditional DBT modules of distress tolerance, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness, applied to challenges faced by bariatric surgery patients. Mindfulness skills are heavily emphasized in terms of mindful and intuitive eating, time management to prioritize self-care, joyful movement, and being in tune with one’s body.

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