Relying on Mindful Living & My Faith

As an African American we are taught to pray and keep our emotions inside because the only person that can help us is Jesus. We are also taught to trust no one with our business. For me, being a weekly recipient of therapy is always a huge topic of conversation amongst my black family. When my therapist suggested a mindful living support group, I was like okay m’am you’re really pushing it. I thought to myself what will I have in common with these women, no one will look like me, and why do I need to tell them my business? I dodged a few of the groups throwing all of those questions at my therapist who knew that I would benefit from this group.

After attending the group I can honestly say that it was the best experience. No, there weren’t any other women in the group that looked like me physically, but everyone’s heart looked just like mine, everyone’s tears were just like mine, and everyone’s desires were just like mine. I learned something different from each and every woman in that group and also have a special place in my heart for every one of them. We laughed, we cried, and most importantly we healed together. I still use my look book of quotes and inspirations that one of the ladies created as a group ending project and gifted each member with. I look at it when I’m feeling anxious or need to be reminded of the journey to heal my wounds that mindful living support group lead me to.

Three years later here I am still using my mindful living coping mechanisms, my look book, and all of the words of encouragement my mindful living sisters gave me. I have so many people ask me how I do it- how do I remain so peaceful when I have been through so much trauma in my life (some I am still going through)? My response is always the same “Therapy, Mindful Living and Jesus”.

The next Mindful Living group is a 12 week series, starting February 22nd and will be facilitated by Kendra Wilson, LCSW, CEDS-S, dbt-C. For more information about the group or to sign up, please contact us at 910-790-9500 or

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