Meet the Dietitian: Lizzie Briasco, RD, CSSD, LDN

October 1, 2019 by chrysalis

We’re back to introduce you to another clinician on the team! This week – our newest dietitian, Lizzie Briasco. Lizzie will see clients out of our office and facilitate IOP groups and meals. We’re excited to have her on our team. Find out a little more about Lizzie through this interview and call our office today (910) 790-5000 to schedule your first appointment with her.

Why did you decide to become a dietitian?

I wanted to become a dietitian to teach people how to be empowered by food, not scared of it. As a former competitive athlete, I saw first-hand how proper nutrition positively impacts performance – and how easy it could be for food and exercise to become an unhealthy obsession. I want to help people of all backgrounds and activity levels define and then develop healthy and sustainable relationships with food, movement, and their bodies.

I’ve never seen a dietitian before. What should I expect during my appointments with you?

Contrary to popular belief, dietitians are not the food police! I am interested in your eating patterns, how they are currently impacting you and other areas of your life, and potential changes that will help you reach your goals. I’m here to provide nutrition education, tools, and resources, and then we will work together to implement them into a plan that works for you. While I am an expert in nutrition, I am not necessarily an expert of your body or your lived experiences. I can, however, help you develop those skills!

I know how to eat healthy and there is a lot of information to find online. What will be different with seeing a registered dietitian?

There is indeed a lot of information online, but it is not necessarily accurate. Registered dietitians, especially those with additional training and certifications, have the practical experience and research skills required to decipher actual science from “bro science” propagated by the media or your local juice bar guru. We understand the science of nutrition and how to translate it into daily habits. Seeing a dietitian provides a non-judgmental space to ask questions and explore concerns about all things food-related, and we can provide encouragement and accountability that may be lacking elsewhere.

What book are you reading or podcast are you listening to?

Currently, I’m reading “The Adonis Complex” to learn more about body image issues in boys and men (it’s not really talked about but it’s definitely a thing!). I’m not a huge fan of listening to podcasts because it’s hard for me to pay attention when I can’t see who’s talking, but I do like playing the “Food Heaven” or “Food Psych” podcasts when I’m doing things around the house. Learning never stops!

Fun fact about you…

I almost didn’t become a dietitian! After I completed my undergraduate degree in nutrition, I took a non-traditional path and worked in the Northwoods of Minnesota for a year as a server/bartender at a family resort lodge. I didn’t take an internship or clinician-esque job right away because I disagreed with the many weight-centered approaches and weight-stigmatizing attitudes taught in traditional nutrition education…then I found the dietetic internship through the University of Minnesota -The Emily Program, discovered a whole new approach to nutrition that emphasized compassion and mindfulness instead of shame and deprivation, and the rest is history!

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