Holiday Tips for Bariatric Patients

It’s holiday time again where we were flooded with excessive goodies, tempting aromas and multiple food-focused commitments.  Let’s brainstorm a few ways to make this wonderful time a year pleasurable and nutritious!

Choose to focus your attention on friends and family; they are some of the most important gifts in our lives.

Choose to socialize away from the sight of food.  This will help you not graze and avoid mindlessly munching during the event.  Change your environment by stepping outside, putting your napkin on your finished plate or sitting with your back to the food table.

Choose to bring a healthy dish to the gathering; it can still be seasonal and fun such as pumpkin dip made with yogurt, shrimp cocktail or a veggie tray arranged as a turkey or Christmas tree. Pinterest has ample ideas to help you be creative.

Choose to be mindful.  Appreciate the smells, textures and flavors; savor each bite.  Pay close attention to your body’s signals.  Our holiday foods are special, eat them that way.

Choose to say “No thank you” to food pushers.  Eat the type and portion of food that makes you feel good physically.  Don’t feel obligated to eat it because it’s left on your plate or someone made it for you.

Choose to keep your normal routine with eating before and after events.  This will help you feel more in charge of portioning and getting the right amount that makes your pouch feel comfortably full. It will also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and metabolic function.

Most importantly, choose to embrace your body through the holidays.  Celebrate all your successes, non-scale victories and the best gift of all, your health!

“The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it starts feeling like one.”

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