Everything Old is New Again: Meet Meghan Shapiro LPA

I had the pleasure of interviewing our “newest” therapist for the blog this week. Meghan was actually the first therapist Chrysalis hired to expand our practice back in 2005. We are thrilled that after moving away for quite some time, she has returned to re-join our team. In addition to being an experienced psychologist, Meghan also fulfills the role of Outreach Coordinator for our practice. Her warm, relational style and knowledge about eating disorders makes her a perfect fit for both these jobs!


  1. Tell me a little bit about your therapeutic style

I am a client-centered therapist. I believe in creating a safe place for my clients where they are comfortable exploring current and past struggles and triumphs to inform decision making and changes going forward. I tend to lean heavily on mindfulness and cognitive behavioral interventions. At the center of my therapy is the goal to improve clients’ relationships with themselves so they can create a more compassionate and accepting space for themselves in the world. As a therapist, my clients have described me as direct, understanding and funny.

  1. What are your specialty areas?

I have a lot of experience treating people who have experienced trauma as well as people struggling with eating disorders. I enjoy assessment and am excited to be providing bariatric surgery evaluations and support for Chrysalis clients.

  1. What continuing ed or reading have you done for professional development lately?

I read books associated with my practice slowly. Right now, I am making my way through: The Mindful Therapist by Daniel Siegel, Coercive Control by Evan Stark, and The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

The recent training that sticks out the most to me was an Urban Trauma training with Maysa Akbar. We have so far to go to acknowledge and address race-based trauma and its sequelae!

  1. You are “new” to Chrysalis, but not new to Chrysalis. Tell us about your history with the organization.

Chrysalis provided me the foundation of my career in private practice. I began working at Chrysalis in 2005 following my graduate internship at the Durham VA Medical Center. I met Kelly at my graduate school interview in 2002. I reached out to her when I realized my job in research at the VA was not going to fulfill my professional aspirations and was offered a job. At Chrysalis, I learned how to treat people with eating disorders and so much more about being a therapist. Life and a family took me away from Wilmington in 2007. We are so happy to have returned to the area and I am thrilled to be back at Chrysalis!

  1. What do you like to do for fun when you aren’t at work?

I like to be outside. I love to do anything at the beach. I also enjoy hiking, camping and kayaking. On rainy days, I like cooking and reading.


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