A Fond Farewell

May 31, 2022 by chrysalis

As many of you are aware, our dear friend and respected colleague, Chaundra Evans, RD, LDN is retiring from direct patient care at the end of this month. For the past 18.5 years, I’ve worked alongside Chaundra; whether our space was 1000 square feet or 10,000 square feet our offices have always been next to each other. We have shared thousands of clients together over the years, working together on the most challenging and rewarding of cases. Our collaboration has become so second nature that we’ve been accused more than once of sharing a brain. And despite the dismay over my extroversion enthusiastically committing us to numerous speaking engagements across the country, my introverted “work wife” has hesitantly obliged to publicly present even though she’d much rather set herself on fire. Little does she know how much I envy her natural teaching abilities; she outwardly makes it look effortless even though I know internally she’s sweating profusely.

If you have had the good fortune of being Chaundra’s client, you know how knowledgeable and compassionate she is. If you’ve collaborated with her professionally, you know how knowledgeable and compassionate she is. And if you’ve known her personally, you know how much she loves her dog(s), the water, and the important people in her life. She is a kind, gentle soul with an infectious laugh. We’ve grown up in this field together and I always envisioned we’d grow old together in this field. I will miss her dearly day to day, but I take comfort knowing that our journey isn’t over. I’m excited we still have projects and presentations in the works, as we strive to educate other professionals in our specialty areas.

As she sets sail (literally) on her next adventure, we wish her all the best. Chaundra, please know how much you’ll be missed by your clients and your colleagues and what a difference you’ve made in so many people’s lives over the years. You will forever be a part of Chrysalis’ legacy!

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