Therapeutic Groups



Mindful Living 

This educational group is designed around the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) model and includes components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Through the use of lectures, experiential activities, group discussion, and homework assignments, group members will learn and develop skills of distress tolerance, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. This group runs for 12 consecutive weeks and is closed to new members once the program begins.

Advanced Mindful Living

This 8-week educational and process group is intended for those who have already completed the Mindful Living group program and desire to further enhance their skills. It focuses on more complex skills within the DBT and ACT models as well as enriching the application of these skills in everyday life. It is closed to new members once it begins.




Healing Words: A Therapeutic Writing Group

This six week writing group will combine the therapeutic effects of specific writing methods with the healing power of connection in a support group. We open this group to adults of all ages who have lost a loved one or are experiencing other kinds of grief or anxiety over painful life struggles. Participants can tell their stories in a comforting and safe space that enables them to process painful feelings and unlock the potential for growth, healing, and peace.

Healing Words: The Next Chapter

This group is intended for those who have already completed Healing Words: A Therapeutic Writing Group. Participants will dive deeper into prompts as they pursue their therapeutic writing journey. 



Cultivating Compassion

This 8-week course will explore how to build self-acceptance and inner strength through the power of compassion and mindfulness. It is designed around compassion-focused techniques. This educational group is open to all adults. Participants will develop skills to build compassion towards themselves and in their relationships with others.


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