At Chrysalis Center, we believe group therapy to be a very effective intervention. We offer a wide variety of groups to enhance your treatment experience. If you are new to the Chrysalis Center, pre-screening with a group leader may be required. To learn more about group services or to obtain the meeting schedules, call us today.

Post-Operative Weight Loss Surgery Groups

If you have undergone bariatric surgery of any kind, our post-operative groups are available to help you maximize your surgery’s success through frequent, specialized support. Our post-op groups address the physical, emotional, nutritional, and interpersonal changes or concerns you may have experienced throughout your transformation.

Weight Loss Group: This group is for patients who have more recently undergone bariatric surgery (typically 1-18 months post-op). Focus of the groups include compliance, post-op adjustment issues, celebrating victories, relationship changes, body image, the return of hunger, and relapse prevention.

Weight Maintenance Group: This group is offered for patients who are further out from surgery (18+ months post-op) and are done losing weight. Maintaining motivation, self-care, appetite awareness, mindful eating, combating emotional eating, and dealing with relapses are commonly addressed.

Back on Track Nutrition Workshop: Led by a registered dietitian, this 6-week nutritional workshop provides education and support for bariatric surgery patients who have not achieved their weight loss goals, are experiencing weight re-gain, or simply desire a nutrition refresher. Mindful eating, meal planning, goal setting, and relapse prevention are part of the curriculum.

Bariatric Bootcamp Seminar Series: This is a 6 week series of expert-led nutritional and psychological workshops intended to reignite your motivation, improve compliance, and optimize your success. What to eat, signs of deficiencies, stopping weight regain, overcoming self-sabotage, improving self-care, and addressing emotional eating are amongst the topics covered.

Bariatric Recovery Group: This group welcomes post-op weight loss surgery patients struggling with any form of addiction or substance use, including re-emergence of food addiction. The goal is to improve compliance, break the addictive cycle, and form a personal support network of others with similar struggles. Topics include the stages of recovery, developing alternatives to compulsive behaviors and negative coping, effective stress management, regulating emotions, and preventing relapse.

Men’s Bariatric Group: Men’s Bariatric Group is provided to support male clients in their post operative journey. Topics for presentations and discussion include maintaining motivation, body image, celebrating victories, challenging self sabotaging behaviors, relationship changes, and engaging in a healthy post operative lifestyle.

Meal Support Groups

Chrysalis offers meal support groups for both adolescents and adults. These groups provide the opportunity for participants to challenge beliefs and behaviors that prevent one from nourishing their body, enjoying food, and/or accepting or feeling comfortable in one’s body. Meal groups aim to provide safe and supportive eating opportunities that exclude a focus on calories, diet talk, exercise, weight, and appearance. Participants are encouraged to choose a wide variety of food, increase their level of trust around food, observe body cues and eat while enjoying pleasant conversation. Once the meal has concluded, a reflection of the experience will occur. Meal groups are 60 minutes and are led by a registered dietitian. These are open groups, meaning that participants may be added at any time. Frequency and duration of attendance is dependent on the recommendation of your treatment team.

Mindful Living Groups

Mindful Living

This educational group is designed around the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) model and includes components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Through the use of lectures, experiential activities, group discussion, and homework assignments, group members will learn and develop skills of distress tolerance, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. This group runs for 12 consecutive weeks and is closed to new members once the program begins.

Advanced mindful living

This 8-week educational and process group is intended for those who have already completed the Mindful Living group program and desire to further enhance their skills. It focuses on more complex skills within the DBT and ACT models as well as enriching the application of these skills in everyday life. It is closed to new members once it begins.

Restore HOPE (Healing Our Posttraumatic Experiences)

Restore HOPE explores the chronic impact of trauma in a person’s life and offers a series of groups where survivors can share and grow beyond their experience.

Introductory Group: For this introductory group, clients learn how to identify somatic reactions, unresolved emotional dynamics, underlying belief systems, and negative behavioral patterns that keep the trauma alive in one’s life. Establishing group cohesion and safety is paramount to this group’s success. Clients are not expected to share or experience beyond what they are ready for. This group meets weekly for 8-10 sessions.

Advanced Group: Upon completing the Introductory Survivors Group, clients are welcome to participate in this advanced curriculum and more deeply explore traumatic experiences. Through the use of experiential activities and structured disclosure, clients are able to delve into new emotional territory, ultimately accessing compassion for themselves. This group meets bi-weekly for 8-10 sessions.

Thrive Group: This group is for those who have completed the previous two groups and who desire a deeper exploration of life after trauma. Narrative processing, guided meditations, and structured exposure to emotional vulnerability are used to help clients access inner healing, create new meaning, and restore a sense of purpose. This group meets biweekly for 8-10 sessions.

Staying Open About Recovery (SOAR)

This group provides an opportunity to receive and offer support to other women who are making strides to stay on track with recovery. It explores how body image, self-perception, and eating disorders impact their daily lives. Together, participants will learn how to build a positive body image while strengthening self-esteem and learning alternative ways to deal with common challenges in life. This group meets biweekly and is open to new members.

Teen Group

Teen Group provides an opportunity to receive and offer support with other adolescents who are making strides to positively stay on track through life’s challenges. This is process and support group with a focused intention on meeting the needs of the members.  Topics may include current life stressors such as academics and relationships, life goals, body image, depression, and anxiety.   Some of the group time is also dedicated to experiential exercises, meditations, and expressive art activities. This group meets biweekly and is open to new members.

Motherhood Matters

Motherhood Matters is a psychotherapy group that is both supportive and educational. It is designed for women to explore their role as a mother in a safe, non-judgmental, and communal atmosphere. Group content varies based on need, but will include topics such as transitioning into the mother role, attachment to baby, birth stories/birth trauma, body image after birth, sexual intimacy after birth, and much more. Participants will learn ways to cope with the common challenges of being a mother.

Couples Enrichment Workshop

Couples do not have to be married to benefit from this seminar that targets relationship enrichment. Committed couples will learn the seven principles program developed by Dr. John Gottman, a well-known relationship expert and author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Topics discussed include engaging with one another, fostering fondness and admiration, reducing defensiveness, and learning to be open and receptive in the relationship.

Do you see a group you would benefit from? Contact Chrysalis Center today at 910-790-9500 to learn more and register.

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